July 29, 2010

this could be me


yet another elegant lady by Takehisa Yumeji, 1913, courtesy of http://www.kinouya.com/intro.htm

July 26, 2010

inspiration 10

Another Yumeji, again, full of humanity and grace
image from Takehisayumeji Ikaho Memorial Museum

he was a handsome man himself:
File:Yumeji Takehisa.JPG

from Japanese book "Pictorial History of Modern Japan Vol.8" published by Sanseido.
日本語: 三省堂「画報日本近代の歴史8」より。
courtesy Wikimedia Commons

July 21, 2010

inspiration 9

I really like Takehisa Yumeji's portrait style--

the way he captures personality in so few lines.

image from 1912 postcard from http://www.kinouya.com/intro.htm

July 17, 2010

inspiration 8

I love the humanity of this image

what a dashing fellow!
Although this image was clearly created for Western tourist, it has a certain undeniable charm....

Image: Takehisa Yumeji Postcard 1910 from http://www.kinouya.com

July 15, 2010

willow, weep for me.....

I think the willow is a very important tree to get the hang of in this style of painting.

so far, so ok......

It is starting to look a little muddy to me, so what do I do?

I destroy it completely, alas. I think this looks muddy and sort of "Gothic" in a very juvenile way.....

I'll keep working on willows ;-)

July 14, 2010

more insects

I like painting these grasshoppers.cicadas. Again, the key is waiting for the paint to dry before adding detail:

I'm not as happy with the bugs in the upper left corner.....

July 13, 2010


Dragonflies are fun to paint; I just had to get the hang of painting the wings from the outside in--I kept wanting to start the brush at the center of the body and then sweep outward....

I need to work on my grass techniques. These look a little too clunky and un-uniform in a bad way to me. Will work on that in the future

July 12, 2010

For my next project, Bok Choy:

I really enjoyed painting this one. I like fiddling around with wet/dry/moist ink to create different textures.

July 11, 2010

my first project: mice eating a corn cob

OK, so I'm loosely following The Lively art of Ink painting for my first attempts.

I am painting a corncob with some mice eating it:

This is the first part--I have to let it dry to add detail

The finished product. I can tell I am going to have to learn patience, at least a little, since I had trouble waiting for the paint to dry before adding detail, and this made the image a little muddy....

July 08, 2010

the book haul

Got in a serious load of instruction books today

I must say, carrying home the bags was not very Zen.

but seeing them all piled up on my table was a sight for sore eyes

I look forward to using each and every one of these books over the coming year! 

Starting with:

July 07, 2010

my Grandpa's paintbox

My grandfather, a professional artist, left me some of his supplies. I intend to use his paintbox for my first efforts. I love it:

Those are his initials.

This is going to be fun!
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